Serve Your City

Serve Your City

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As Pastor Tommy Barnett says, we face unprecedented challenges in our culture, more people than ever before need our help.  We can't wait for people to come to our churches. We must go to them, to meet them where they are, with hearts full of love and open hands of generosity, all directed by the wisdom God's Spirit provides.


The practical and proven truths and strategies from ARC churches across the country shared in this book give us hope that we can make a difference. We can go outside our walls to love people the way Jesus loved people in His day… by showing them compassion while telling them about God's great grace.


Serve Your City is filled with stories of pastors that didn’t have a strategy or many resources, but they did have a heart to serve people who needed help.  As they began to do what they could with what they had, resources began to pour in, often from unexpected places.  The strategy outlined in this book is clear and powerful. It includes three stages, which build on each other to involve everybody in the church in tangible, effective, life-transforming care for the people in their communities.


100% of the profits from this book goes toward planting churches through ARC.